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Tuesday Sep 22, 2020
Order your womens dance shoes at Guaranteed FitOrder your womens dance shoes at Guaranteed Fit

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1. Fabio dance sneakers
2. Comfort &Style
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What is the Shoe-Sizer?

The Shoe-Sizer is a foot measuring device that we ship to you in order to get a consistent way of measuring your feet. This allows us to make sure that we ship you the correct shoes for your feet.

We ship the Shoe-Sizer with complete instructions for measuring your feet in a precise and consistent way.

Once you have measured your feet you log in to your account (see 'My account' at the top of this page) and under 'Shoe-sizer Measurements' you enter your Shoe-Sizer measurements for Foot Length, Width, Circumference and Arch-size. (There is no need to return the Shoe-Sizer)

It's that easy. We take over from there. We use your measurements to send you the correct shoes for yor feet. When you place your order just pick "Use My Shoe-Sizer" when choosing the shoe size.

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