ShoeSizer Instructions

  1. Sit down in a chair, with your socks off and place your bare foot in the Shoe-Sizer (inside the loops) where it says "Place your foot here". You should measure each foot separately. If there is a size difference then use the measurements from the larger sized foot.

  2. Make sure your foot is parallel to the side of the Shoe-Sizer, and the widest part of you foot is lightly touching the left side. Make sure your heel is touching the bottom of the Shoe-Sizer.

  3. (1) Record the length of your foot (marked 22.0-28.75)

  4. (2) Record the width of your foot by reading the vertical bars (marked A-L) in the Shoe-Sizer (not the strap measurement, that comes later)

  5. IMPORTANT: The length or width is measured as the LAST BAR that you foot covers. If your foot covers ANY part of a bar then that is the measurement to use.

  6. Notice that the straps can slide up and down the side of the Shoe-Sizer. With your foot inside the bottom loop, move the strap up or down until it is over your arch (about half way between the ball of your foot and the ankle). Make sure the strap is parallel with the bottom of the Shoe-Sizer

  7. (3) Pull gently and measure your arch size by reading the strap measurement.

  8. With your foot inside the top loop, move the strap up or down until it is over the widest part of your foot (around the ball of the foot).

  9. (4) Pull gently and take a reading for the circumference of your foot.

  10. Click on 'My Account' at the top of this page, and enter your email address and your password. If you don't have an account, then click on "New Customer" and open an account.

  11. Under 'Shoe-sizer Measurements' enter your measurements for Length, Width, Arch-size, and Foot Circumference

  12. To double check your measurements see our Shoe Sizing Comparison.

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